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Ruixiang gas detection instrument

Hui xian city ruixiang gas detection instrument factory is the production of henan province、Sales of gas detection tube series products、Detector series products of professional manufacturers。Gas detection tubes,With its fast、Straight pipe、Economic and practical、Safe and reliable、Don't need a professional operation,Anytime, anywhere can detection, etc;Widely used in coal、Environmental protection、The oil、Chemical industry and so on each Field。I plant production of various gas detection tubes varieties:Carbon monoxide、Carbon dioxide、Sulfur dioxide、Nitrogen dioxide、Hydrogen sulphide、Phosphine、Hydrogen chloride、Vinyl chloride、Oxygen、Hydrogen gas、Ammonia、Acetylene、Benzene、Toluene、Xylene、Such as formaldehyde a dozen varieties,Our factory also produces and test tube supporting the use of manual and electric sampling tools、Good sealing,Delicate appearance,Sampling accuracy,Was deeply loved by users。To meet the needs of different industries,Our factory and domestic......

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  • Carbon monoxide testing tubeC0-500(10-500)X10-6C0Carbon monoxide testing tubeC0-500(10
  • Carbon monoxide testing tubec0-5000Carbon monoxide testing tubec0-5000
  • Carbon monoxide testing tubeC0-50(5-50)x10-6C0Carbon monoxide testing tubeC0-50(5-5
  • Ammonia gas detection tubesAmmonia gas detection tubes
  • Oxygen test tubeOxygen test tube
  • The business licenseThe business license
  • Hydrogen test tubeHydrogen test tube
  • Gas detection work cylindrical positive pressure type samplerGas detection work cylindrical positive pressure type sampler
  • Hydrogen sulfide test tubeHydrogen sulfide test tube
  • Carbon dioxide test tubeCarbon dioxide test tube
  • Nitrogen oxides test tubeNitrogen oxides test tube
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Address:Hui xian city in the east of the northern section of outer ring Zhao Zhuang

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